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  • ECG: The electrocardiogram (ECG) is the registration of the sum of the electrical activity of cardiac muscle fibers.


  • Stress ECG: The Ergometry is a method by which it is possible to do exactly physical performances as well as reproduce identical conditions any time .


  • Holter, long-term blood pressure measurement: As a long-term ECG, LZ ECG or Holter monitoring the registration of the electrocardiogram over a longer period of usually 24 hours is referred to in medicine.It is used to assess the extent of cardiac arrhythmias and also detect rare arrhythmia can.Unlike the one-time blood pressure measurement continuous measurement over 24 hours with detailed information about fluctuations of the pressure values.(You can find information for a transmitter on the LZ-ECG system we use here.)


  • Abdominal ultrasound: The abdominal ultrasonography is the ultrasound (sonography) of the abdominal cavity (abdomen).


  • Echocardiography: Echocardiography is called the examination of the heart using ultrasound.


  • Transesophageal Echocardiography: "Trans" means "through", "esophagus" for "esophagus" and "Echocardiography" is cardiac ultrasound.The transesophageal echocardiography is therefore an ultrasound examination of the heart through the esophagus.


  • Stress echo cardiography: The stress echocardiography is an ultrasound of the heart, which is carried out under the influence of a drug, to examine the blood flow to the heart muscle.


  • Duplex Sonography: When duplex ultrasound is a noninvasive, painless and risk-free method of investigation in which the flow conditions can be studied in arteries and veins of all vascular areas with the help of ultrasound.In this way, bottlenecks, closures, expansions and malformations of the arteries and veins can be found. the extracranial cerebral vessels, extremity arteries and veins (thrombosis exclusion) and the retroperitoneal vessels (excluding abdominal aortic aneurysm and renal artery stenosis)                                                                                                    


  • Lung Function: The pulmonary function testing includes various studies with which the function and the performance of the respiratory tract and lung can be checked.


  • Pacemaker controls incl. Biventricular systems and ICDs, event recorder Reveal


  • Cardiorespiratory polygraphy, sleep apnea screening


  • Intracranial Doppler and duplex sonography



  • Training for patients with hypertension (DMP)


  • Transport Medical reports


Cardiac Catheterizations


Our practice performs outpatient diagnostic cardiac catheterizations at Coronary vasoconstriction, valvular heart disease and after bypass surgery.


The investigations are carried out in the Marien-Hospital Papenburg.


The investigators are Dr. Malazhavy and Dr. Wilke.The examination takes about 20 minutes.


We have the possibility of immediate balloon angioplasty narrowing (PTCA) with stent implantation.


Patients are monitored 6 hours in the hospital usually can and then go home.


However, a monitoring in the hospital overnight is possible.



We offer outpatient cardiac pacemaker implantations in cooperation with the KKH Leer  and the Marienkrankenhaus Papenburg.


DThe operation is performed under local anesthesia and lasts for single chamber half and two-chamber pacemakers one hour. After the operation patients are discharged directly home.

Our practice

offers the following general cardiological examinations:

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